About Us


Making every person we meet stronger than they were yesterday.

At Proplus Fitness we make people stronger, not only as it relates to the physicality of life: A stronger body, a stronger mind, stronger habits, stronger work ethic, and stronger execution. A STRONGER YOU, A STRONGER US. Launched in 2017 Proplus Fitness is the best option to make the most out of your investment into wellness, together we can make you stronger.

The building blocks for a stronger and healthier life.

We will teach you the habits that will form a stronger lifestyle. The way we will teach you is by delivering habit-forming experiences to you, that will empower you to lead a more self-sufficient fitness life. We will coach you, to be able to coach yourself.

Partnered with local gyms for your convenience.

We have partnered with neighborhood-style fitness clubs close to home and work, so we are right where you need us.